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11 Signs of Baby Fever When You Are Already a Mom

1) When shopping for next season’s clothes, you consider if the item will accommodate your soon-to-be-conceived baby bump.

2) You google “cute newborn” and browse the pictures of all of the melty-ness.

3) You are dressing your toddler in 18-24 month onesies and wondering if they make them in the next size.

4) You surf mommy forums for earliest signs of pregnancy repeatedly and note all of the signs your are experiencing. You mentally check off breast tenderness, fatigue, sore back and gas, all pointing to your impending arrival.

5) You follow number 4 by taking an HPT (or three) 5 days before your missed period every month. “Is that a faint positive?”

6) You notice that EVERYONE else is announcing they are 12 weeks along. Celebrities, FB friends, distant cousins, political figures.

7) You grip your squirming one year old in the cradle position and coo to him that he is “still Mommy’s newborn” for temporary conciliation.

8) You open your file of baby names from your previous pregnancy and start brainstorming and revising.

9) You tell your husband you want 100 babies crawling around as you watch your little one on the floor.

10) You consider maca root.

11) You are reading this post.

Can’t wait to hear from gals who can relate in the comments…:)